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Getting Started

This guide contains all the necessary information to start using helloPay and the reference documentation on all moving parts.

Before you can start using helloPay you will need to register a merchant account. You will be able to manage all applications settings and customer interactions centrally from your merchant account. This is also the place where you will find your API credentials that you will need for the application.

Once you are registered you will be able to integrate helloPay and accept payments using our secure hosted checkout. You will find the API docs with code and request / response examples in our API docs. Before getting started with our API docs we would recommend that you take a look at our straightforward payment workflow below.


For access to our testing enviroment, please create an account with us and then contact our support team at [email protected].

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API Docs

The hosted helloPay payment gateway provides a simple & secure checkout experience for your users across all devices. It allows you to easily collect payment using the most popular payment methods - and we will be adding even more payment methods in the future without any changes on your side. All you need to do to use the gateway is to describe an order and send your customer off to complete their payment. These API docs will help you to accept your first payment with helloPay.

In detail the flow is as follows:

  1. You provide helloPay with information concerning the order, such as order total, item names and quantity, and tax. If available you should also send customer information such as their contact information and shipping address.
  2. You redirect your customer to the secure helloPay checkout, where they review their order details and are prompted to pay using one of our integrated payment methods.
  3. When the form is submitted, we redirect them to a URL of your choice.

Connecting to helloPay is simple and a full integration consists of less than a handful of API calls:

Use our notification service to be always up to date on your transactions.

For access to our testing enviroment, please create an account with us and then contact our support team at [email protected].

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Validate Transaction

You can verify the information sent to your purchaseCallbackUrl with a simple API call to our validation service.

Example Validation Request

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" \  
     -u rocket:rock4mebuddy \
     -d "data={ \
        "transactionId": "AAEAAADoKU7bislxLFcY3OVfNKG0kipnnSZP1rUFIqESdPwblWE-xbU8", \
        "transactionType": "Purchase", \
        "shopConfig": "AAEAAADoKU7YJh44utJbVDLTqqEEeiaO28_f9LjaYMu1GdoBNT9_IG--/AAEAAAgfi0NkDIDyXMhIaaM-wfYLziibzdgBQIQVoD4hzxDnQt5szEIq/0ce5b60001d7e89c7b50fbe59cfb1bf5" \
         }" \

Example Response

A successful answer would look like this:

    "success": true,
    "transactionEvents": [
            "creationDateTime": "2014-04-02T14:14:10Z",
            "transactionType": "Purchase",
            "newStatus": "Created",
            "oldStatus": null,
            "transactionId": "AAEAAADoKU7bislxLFcY3OVfNKG0kipnnSZP1rUFIqESdPwblWE-xbU8",
            "merchantReferenceId": "872116",

Here's an example of an error response:

  "success": false,
  "message": "Sorry, it did not work"

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Notification Service

For every purchase create API call, you can send the purchaseCallbackUrl parameter. Your URL should point to a service that can accept urlencoded JSON payloads from us. We will use this URL to push a list of transaction events to you that will inform you of all purchase status changes. For example you will be notified if a purchase has been paid.

Example Payload

Our payload notification looks like this:

        "id": "AAEAAAA6hpLVM_BcBJ82aTsXbUDlYkAgGmi-ivYB8p6e7hCdQFWsWAAm",
        "creationDateTime": "2014-03-26T09:57:25+0000",
        "transactionType": "Purchase",
        "newStatus": "Expired",
        "oldStatus": "Created",
        "transactionId": "AAEAAADoKU7ce-QyvoRbYZpDBenwSWGDuBW2h0A7q-kv5LjfYTA_5CzV",
        "merchantReferenceId": "508365572"       

Parameter Documentation

idThe id contains the purchaseID that we return to you after you've successfully created a purchase.
creationDateTimeTimestamp of the status change.
transactionTypeRefers to the type of the transaction, can be Refund or Purchase
newStatusNew transaction status
oldStatusPrevious transaction status. If it's a new transaction, then no oldStatus is provided.
transactionIdYou can use the transactionId to verify the notification message, via the validation service
merchantReferenceIdYour order number.

Status Values

CreatedCreated, but not yet accessed by a consumer
ConfirmedConfirmed by a consumer, but not yet paid
CommittedCommitted to by the merchant, but not yet paid
CompletedPurchase is paid, thus with WalletAccountItem and accounting transfers
CancelledPurchase is cancelled
ExpiredPurchase has expired
FailedPurchase has failed

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