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This is a general API documentation for merchants, who do not use PHP to integrate with helloPay. However, if you use PHP please read "API Documentation with PHP Library", because we provide a special PHP library to make the integration easier as the name already reveals (you will not have to read this general API documentation as well).

In general the integration with helloPay is based on api calls and responses between the merchants and helloPay in json format. The json format is a standard format to send data in form of one big string from one server to another. In the guide of each of the 5 services, you will find examples how the json format looks(with breaks, spaces and indented lines, to make is more readable, which the original json format has not!), however most programming languages have a command to convert arrays (multidimensional arrays) into json format, so you won’t have to study the json file, just the structure and content of the data.


Before integrating with helloPay you need to have a merchant account for the helloPay sandbox (besides the account you already have on official helloPay ) and two API keys (later called ShopConfigs) for the official website and the sandbox. You can find your API keys in the account setting of the corresponding accounts. If you don’t have the API keys yet, no sandbox account or you can’t even access the sandbox, please write an email to [email protected], we will take care to get you ready for the integration!

You will integrate with the sandbox to test everything properly before going live, so please use the sandbox ShopConfig (API key) when asked. Don’t worry, for going live you’ll later just need to replace the sandbox ShopConfig with the one from the official website and if the integration works with the sandbox, it will also work in production!


There are 5 services and features helloPay offers to integrate. The main feature is “Create a Purchase”, it’s also the only mandatory one and after integrating this your customers are already able to make payments via helloPay! With integrating the other services you can manage your transaction better(automatically get the latest status, cancel them etc.). They are also included in your helloPay merchant account, but we highly recommend to integrate them as well, so you have the full control of the transactions from your own website.

  • Create a Purchase

  • Validate Transaction

  • Notification Service

  • Cancel Transaction

  • Partial Refund

  • Iframe

    This features is optional, it converts the helloPay checkout in a window(iframe) inside your website. Iframe will be implemented/enabled after doing the normal integration.

  • Iframe

  • Testing and going Live

    You can test the features, you have implemented anytime in the sandbox. For that purpose we provide some Dummy customers you can use to make a checkout or test the coustomer service area. For the whole testing phase please only use the sandbox and not the production website, don't worry everything that works on the sandbox will work in production!

  • Testing and going Live