Customer FAQ


1. Account

1.1 What is Alipay Singapore account?

1.2 How do I sign up for Alipay Singapore?

1.3 How do I edit my profile?

1.4 Why do I have to confirm my email address?

1.5 Are there any fees to use the services?

1.6 I've forgotten my password.

1.7 How can I upgrade my account?

1.8 How can I close my account?

2. Payments

2.1 Where can I shop with Alipay Singapore?

2.2 I would like to add money to my Alipay Singapore account.

2.3 What is the difference between the account types?

2.4 Who should I contact in order to get a refund?

2.5 I don’t have an Alipay Singapore account, but I have a transaction on my credit card/bank account statement from Alipay Singapore that I don’t recognize.

2.6 Why is my order cancelled?