Merchant FAQ


1. About helloPay

1.1 What is helloPay?

1.2 Why should I use helloPay?

1.3 How secure are helloPay transactions?

1.4 How private are helloPay transactions?


2. Getting started

2.1 How much does helloPay cost?

2.2 What are the charges involved in setting up and maintaining a helloPay merchant account?

2.3 How can I integrate helloPay?

2.4 Why is the Merchant Due Diligence (MDD) process necessary?

2.5 Can helloPay reject me as a merchant?

2.6 What is a security deposit?

2.7 How can I register as a merchant?

2.8 How can I log in to my Merchant Service Area?

2.9 Can I own both a personal AND a merchant account with the same personal details?

2.10 Can I setup a merchant account without a business registration number?

2.11 What are the charge back fees for different currencies paid by merchant ?

2.12 How do I issue a refund to my customer?


3. Agreement and Costs

3.1 Where can I view my sales revenue?

3.2 How can I terminate my contract?

3.3 Is helloPay free of charge for customers?

3.4 Can the fees that helloPay and I have to pay be transferred to my customers?

3.5 Do helloPay's promotions affect how much I earn?