Overview | Receiving API Call

Notification Service


While every other feature basically works like the ‘Create Purchase’ the notification service is the only one, that has to be implemented a little bit differently. In the other features you send api calls to helloPay and helloPay responses to it, the notification service on the other hand is a service, that automatically updates you about the latest transaction status, so it is an api call, that you receive from helloPay. The only difference is, that the php file, that receives the api call (the php file, in that you implement the notification service code) does not need to have a UI (it is the callback url).

Receiving the API Call


1. The If clause is true when there is an incoming api call
2. The incoming data will be saved in $postData
3. The data will be transformed to a form you can work with and saved in $result

  $postData = file_get_contents('php://input');
  $result = $helloPay->parseNotificationPayload($postData);


Get new Status

This function (to automatically get the latest transaction) should be inside of the If-Clause, that recognizes incoming API Calls (from the last step). The latest status can now be saved in your database.